“In 1994, a 30-year-old man QUIT HIS WORK in an investment fund on Wall Street and thus remained without a huge annual bonus. RIDICULED AND MISUNDERSTOOD for his idea and vision, he makes an extremely risky move. He decides to move to Seattle and set up his own company to sell books ONLINE. He wrote a business plan during his long trip from NY to Seattle.”

This man’s name is Jeff Bezos and he is the owner of Amazon, and the richest man in the world.

Is he the richest man in the world because he’s smart, well-educated, and the like? And are all smart and well-educated people also rich?


Jeff Bezos realized that the world was moving in a new direction, and that fact will have a huge impact on the world economy. He realized that the patterns of business, communication and trade would change almost completely.


In Serbia, E-commerce exceeded the figure of €350 million last year, with a total of 1.8 million people doing some form of online shopping. This figure is growing rapidly over the years, with an average growth of 20% per year.
Is your site presenting your business better than your competitors, and can it be better?
About 50% of all Internet searches are related to local products and services!
Over 90% of the people who bought something had previously searched the Internet for these items!

“The degree of adaptation to market changes is proportional to the growth of your profits”
Do not allow yourself not to react to MARKET TRENDS and have your competitors conquer your market. Because many global corporations have failed because of that.


Content on the website is paramount


The content on your website should present your business in an informative and appealing way. The longer customers stay on your site, the higher page authority your site will have in search engines, and the greater will be your chance of them buying your products

Simple and easy to use


If the visitors of your website leave quickly, the search engines will because of that move you back from the first page of search. A good user experience on the site guides the visitor’s attention in the direction you previously envisioned, which makes it easier to reach your goals.

Website loading speed must be fast


If your website loads slowly, the vast majority of the customers will leave it. Statistics show that if the site loads longer than 6 seconds, 60% of the visitors would give up visiting it.

Website is compatible with all devices


76% of website visitors are mobile phone users, which is why the site must be well optimized and compatible with all devices, so as not to lose potential customers.

SEO optimization


It includes many aspects, but unless the site is optimized and continuously developed, it will never be on the first page of search. And this actually means that you’re losing potential customers.

Modern web design


The first impression the consumers make on your site has a huge impact on whether they will buy a product. Web design plays the key role here.

Perfectly clean code


Website cleaned of all bugs.


There is a cliché “If you are not online, you do not exist”, which is both right and wrong. What does it mean to be online? This is not enough for most types of businesses. 90% of people making a purchase have searched it beforehand. If your website / store is not well positioned, the potential buyers will buy the product from your competitors.

Lower operating costs


If you sell products online, this means that you have a significant reduction in the cost of STORES, UTILITIES, EMPLOYEES, and WAREHOUSES in expensive locations.

Website on the first page of search


Day by day there are hundreds and thousands of searches for specific keywords that are related to your business. If your site is well positioned, these visitors will become your customers, otherwise your competitors will take them over.

Expanding sales channels


In the case of online sales, you are no longer limited to the locale or even the country. The whole world can be your market.

Higher loyalty to your business


Research shows that a 5% increase in loyalty leads to a 25% increase in revenue.

Increasing brand awareness about your business


Customers are increasingly opting to make purchases based on online research rather than recommendations.

Availability of information


When you have a good website / online store, you provide additional 24-hour customer service, as some people would search for information or want to buy a specific product and/or service in the middle of the night.


The price to develop a website or online store depends largely on the platform in which it is built.
We as your partners will suggest you where to start, as well as which platform can meet your needs. You can leave all the work and development issues to us, and you just follow the results.